How Does Kinesiotaping Work?

The unique combination of the thinness, elasticity and adhesive wave pattern allows Kinesiotape to microscopically lift the skin, creating a space between the skin and the underlying tissues.

This relieves pressure and irritation on the underlying pain receptors, which often results in a rapid relief of pain. It also reduces pressure on the lymphatic drainage system, allowing it to more effectively remove fluid causing swelling and edema. These qualities create a therapeutic tape of unsurpassed quality that can be used as a sports tape or athletic tape just as effectively as a medical tape.

Why Kinesiotape?

Because Kinesiotape has an almost identical thickness and elasticity as human skin, it is completely comfortable to wear. It does not compress, bind or chafe sensitive areas.

The taping method of kinesiology taping involves applying the tape over and around muscles and joints, rather than encasing them in tape, as traditional athletic taping does. This allows Kinesiotape to provide support while still allowing users to maintain a healthy range of motion.

This feature is especially appreciated by athletes and injured individuals who need to continue their activities as they recover from an injury.

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