What clients are saying about Claudia



Sammie Stroughter #18

Wide Receiver Tampa Bay Bucs

Thank you for kicking my tail back in shape. You helped me out a ton. Thanks!



Arrelious Benn #17

Wide Receiver Tampa Bay Bucs

Thanks for getting my knee right and pushing me to the max!



Kareem Huggins #32

Running Back Tampa Bay Bucs

Thanks for getting my knee right and the tough workouts.



Dominique Harris #21

Safety Tampa Bay Bucs

Thank you for taking me in from Day One.



Quincy Barr #90

Defensive End – U of Delaware

Thanks for helping me keep the “DREAM” alive Claudinator!



Tim Parnell

Special Forces

Thank you for the interesting and hard workouts.

More Testimonials    
I have been calling myself a runner for some time now. I started racing and doing a 100 miles challenge a month. I would just run and run with the only purpose of achieving that number by the end of the month. Every time I ran, I pushed myself to the limits and not paid much attention to form or stretching. I would also ignore pain until it was too late. At the beginning of this year, plantar fasciitis forced me to stop running completely. That’s when I reach out to Claudia. Since the moment I met her, I was impressed with her passion for helping, her knowledge and ability to connect with her clients. I have to admit it was not easy. I wanted a quit fix to go back to running and had my downs. Since the beginning, I would always be looking forward to her sections. It was the only thing that kept me from giving up. I really loved the way she pushed me, always watching my form and correcting what needed to be corrected. Works out were always totally different, so it opened my mind to challenge myself & try new things. She encouraged me to swim and to ride my bike. I learned that stretching and keeping a good form is very crucial to prevent injuries. With Claudia I learned that it is ok to start from zero, and possible to slowly build up to even a better level than ever before. Also, that sometimes you will hit walls, but you just have to reset, shake things around, and keep going. She gave me great nutrition guidance and helped me understand that Nutrition is 80% of the deal. It took me a while to put all of these things together and in practice. However, she was patient and didn’t give up on me. Something she said to me once that really influenced my mind positively, was “focus on the things you can do in the moment, and not on the things you can’t do”! That really sunk in and I finally gave in. In the last 8 months I have seen great results. It has been a slow process, but it feels stable. I have lost 13 pounds, my body fat is down by 5% and Body Fat Mass down by 10.4 pounds. Those last 10 pounds that I was convinced was impossible to lose and that I always blamed my Thyroid for are gone!!! I feel stronger every day and slowly starting to run again almost pain free. I’m super exited to keep conquering goals and fears. I want to take the chance to express how thankful I am. First to God because I’m convinced that He is the one that makes everything possible. And to my coach Claudia, for making me believe in myself and all her support. She is the best trainer and I’m super thankful for her guidance.